Details, Fiction and list of Abbott and Costello The Complete Universal Pictures Collection episodes

A Black Comedy one particular-liner from Fry, caught during the middle of a time-loop where by he's frequently slipping to his Dying:

Emotional tunes swells, the kid sees him and cries "Daddy! I realized you would appear back!" Cue Bender strolling back into Robot-Hell with the child around his shoulder, indicating "Right here ya go!" and punting it right into a pit of lava. The complete joke starts and ends in about 20 seconds, but is hilarious

Also, as Farnsworth investigates the underground of Rome, and realizes the Roman numeral digits are actually the quantity of methods to just take to locate St. James' tomb.

Bender goes to the mechanic to install shock-absorbing bumpers to forestall catastrophic butt failure, However they make Bender's ass glance much more human & bigger, A lot to his shock.

Hattie: I transfer that we vote on a fresh Main executive officer and oust this previous creep. As well as that my cat smells good and is particularly very!

" (This would make a strange kind of perception when you take into account click reference that cows are extinct by the 31st you could try this out century and there are in all probability number of historical data of what they would have mentioned.) This qualified prospects as much as a hilarious Bait-and-Switch when he assesses Amy for her doctorate:

Amy: Do you think you're sure there's no other way to get the buggalo out? Leela: Not Except if your moms and dads have thousands of helicopters at their disposal.

The scene instantly after where a Unwell Bender coughs and mutters, "So sober, so weak" soon after likely so very long with no Alcoholic beverages.

Bender: Morgan made me wander the Professor. There we have been my website from the park when quickly some previous Girl claims I stole her purse.

A single concern features a time-travelling Bender face a Edition of your Salem Witch trials, only the individuals are looking robots

"I ought to have regarded you'd occur in this article rather than comply with normal treatment. And that i did know. And that's why I arrived below."

Zapp: It truly is an unsightly, desolate little planet, without any natural resources or strategic great importance in any way!

The component wherever the crew requires a shower together, and Leela continues to be ticked off after getting insulted by rednecks and vouches to affix the demolition derby to receive back at them. Fry protests:

When Farnsworth asks his alternate how he obtained stitches on his head, he claims that it had been an experiment to determine if he could take away his own Mind. This contributes to this gem:

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